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save some bees.
save the future.

save some bees.
save the future.

The fashion industry is a dirty bastard. ​So we set out to create a new way of doing things. ​Clothing that doesn't cost the earth. The first brand saving bees.

The bee is our DNA. A species fighting for survival. A bold design you keep close to your heart. A hope for our planet.

Since bees act as a facilitator of our ecological system and dirty fashion brands harm that system, it becomes obvious that these two issues go hand in hand. What harms the environment has a direct impact on the health of bees and what harms the bees has a direct impact on our environment.

Fashion is a simple way of saying complicated things.

The clothing we make does not only feel good, it does good, too. It puts you in touch with nature. It represents a more conscious way of living.

BEEYOND was designed to save bees by giving people the choice to wear sustainable & fair clothing. To spread the word about the importance of our bees and the impact of the dirty fashion industry. To encourage people to challenge the status quo and to take action now.

Never doubt that a small group of us can change the world.

But we cannot sit back and wait for change. Change does not just happen. We have to be resilient. Resolute. Defiant in the face of impossible ods. Together we can start an anthem of defiance. So please join us and wear the change. Go BEEYOND!

Fabian & Giacomo, Co-Founders BEEYOND

The guys behind the bees
Once started as student project, BEEYOND has grown into a serious mission:
Embodying the spirit of bee saving & sustainability into modern streetwear looks.

"We believe in a better way of doing fashion. Our way: Natural quality. Ethical factories. Radical Transparency. We act sustainably AND fairly, even when no one is looking."

- Giacomo


"Changing set ways will be a challenge but one we embrace. We do not only want to reduce the impact of the dirty fashion industry, but rather want to use it as a vehicle of change. We take clothing BEEYOND sustainability."

- Fabian


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