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Supply Chain

We believe our customers have a right to know where
their clothing comes from and how they're made.

We know every step of our supply chain.
And so should you!

Follow the process from picking the cotton to weaving
the garment and shipping it to your doorstep.

T-Shirt Production

Istanbul, Turkey

We produce close to Istanbul where we can fulfill highest environmental, quality and security standards. The well-being of the production staff is our highest priority.


Sock Production

Braga, Portugal

Our socks are handmade in Portugal at a dedicated sock manufacturer. We only work with specialists ensuring ecologial production, high quality and good wages.



We choose to produce in Europe not only to ensure great working conditions but also to shorten distances in order to reduce global CO2 emissions.

Similar to the worker bees in the hive looking after their honey, our quality control department regularly checks upon our production to guarantee that every piece of clothing is impeccable before it makes its way to you.

We pledge to go BEEYOND™ sustainable fashion and dedicate a part of our revenue to support bee conservation and research projects in Switzerland.

& You

Now it's up to you!

When your item leaves our warehouse it will be well protected in our fully recyclable packaging.

Fully recycled,
fully recyclable.

As a customer, you become part of the supply chain.
Follow these guidelines to get the most
out of your clothing without hurting nature:

  • Recycle packaging

  • Wear it

  • Wash less, line dry

  • Think about the bees you've saved
    and feel & look good

  • Save even more bees by telling your friends!

When you don't need it anymore:
gift or donate it!

Are you ready to join us?


Be first to know about offers, new product drops and our stories about the bees and sustainability.

We're buzzing. Thanks!

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