The fashion industry is a dirty bastard.
So we set out to create a new way of doing things.
We put sustainable thinking at the center of everything.
For us, conventional textile production is neither ethically nor ecologically justifiable.


Discover our environmental
impact through five key aspects.


The whole world is wearing plastic - but not with us!
We pride ourselves in using the best sustainable, durable, organic, innovative and natural materials available.
Our goal (besides saving heaps of bees) is to provide you with the finest materials nature has provided us with,
both from an ecological and a quality perspective.
  • Organic Cotton

  • Tencel™ Lyocell & Modal

  • Recycled Polyamide (Q-Nova®)

  • Lycra®

Supply Chain

Every year the fast fashion industry is responsible for 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions. More than shipping and flying together. Mostly you have no clue about where its raw materials come from – and neither do they.


We change that. Our suplly chain is 100% transparent.


We care to know the supplier of our supplier and demand information on all materials, working conditions and sustainability measures. All of our manufacturers produce in Europe and enable us to keep distances short and CO2 low.

We believe that everyone should know where their clothes come from.



We only work with partners who share the same sustainable vision as we do. This means a safe workplace, fair living wages, no harmful chemicals, focus on quality over quantity and respect.
See our Factories:

Istanbul, Turkey

Braga, Portugal

+ more suppliers coming soon

We go BEEYOND sustainability.


More than Bee friendly.

Besides spreading the word, we like to act ourselves. This is why all of our customers automatically become bee supporters: 5% of each purchase goes directly to bee conservation projects.

Radical Transparency.

Certificates are good. Transparency is better.

Travel back in time to discover step-by-step where your clothing comes from, meet the people who made it and see your immediate impact of choosing BEEYOND over a dirty fashion brand.

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