One brand to

save some bees

You raise awareness with every piece.
We invest 5% of your purchase into bee conservation projects.

"The bee has been declared the most important living being on the planet"


For The Bees

more than honey

of bees die in Europe
every year. In other parts of the world the mortality can reach 50 to 80 percent.


For Biodiversity

Every tree needs a bee

of wild and cultivated flowering plants are pollinated by bees.
They provide an invaluable and free ecological service to the planet.

For Humanity

Our buddy in nature

of the world's agricultural crops are pollinated by bees. They also enable a big chunk of global economy.


Why act?


If you're still not convinced, here's one of the most important scientists of the last century to explain:

"If the bees die out, humans will follow a few years later. No bees, no pollination, no plants, no animals, no humans"

- Albert Einstein, 1948

Food on the Table

Discover how our diet is impacted by the bees.
Use your mouse cursor to bring back what's missing! 

of food

More than 75% of our food resources are impacted by the pollination of bees. Our nutritional habits heavily depend upon them providing their services throughout the human food supply chain.

One more reason to keep them thriving!

How we fight for the future.
Raise Awareness and Educate
We believe in the collective power of individuals to shape a better world. Our mission is to unleash the little environmentalist slumbering within each and everyone.
Together we can raise awareness and educate others who don't know yet. Since most of the factors that cause the dying of bees are actually made by humans, we will be able to have a positive impact on bee mortality and our environment.
Direct support for the bees
Besides spreading the word, we like to act ourselves.

This is why we have launched our #savesomebees initiative where all of our customers automatically become bee supporters: 5% of each purchase goes directly to bee conservation projects.
Challenge the fashion industry

The chemicals, emissions & acidification of land caused by the dirty fashion industry kills bees and destroys their habitat.

We challenge that by ensuring bee friendly production
throughout all of our 
sustainability measures.