Frequently Asked Questions

Orders & Delivery

How long do I have to wait for delivery?

Schweiz Die Lieferfrist beträgt in der Schweiz in der Regel 2 bis 5 Arbeitstage, wenn beim jeweiligen Produkt nicht anders geschrieben. European Union Bei Lieferungen in andere Länder hängt die Lieferfrist vom Standort des Empfängers ab. Generell dauert es zwischen 4-8 Werktage. Diese Angaben sind ohne Gewähr.

What are the payment options?

Money is money, no matter how it finds its way to us. And money means support for the bees. That makes us happy :) At the moment, we offer the following payment options: - Bank transfer (article will be sent AFTER payment receipt; only Swiss payments) - Credit Card (Visa, Master Card etc.) - Sofort (Klarna)

I didn't receive my order confirmation e-mail, what should I do?

If that happens, it's time to panic! Just kidding. Normally this shouldn't happen. If it does, just drop us a quick message via live chat or send us an short e-mail at hello[at] Our admin bees will take care of it immediately.

Can I track my order?

Why did it not arrive yet? Is it still on the way or did they forget me? No we do not forget you, we can guarantee this. However, we cannot offer tracking options right now, but we will implement it in the future - scout's honor! In case there are any problems with your delivery or if there is something else that worries you: before you start panicking, please contact us: hello[at]

Which countries do you ship to besides Switzerland?

We love cross-border bee support! That's why we ship to almost all EU countries. If you want to order from a non-EU country and cannot select your country on the check out page, please get in touch with us. Important note for EU countries: As a young clothing brand it is impossible to have different logistic set-ups in different countries. Therefore we have to send out everything as DAP. What the heck is DAP? DAP is an incoterm and means Delivered-at-place. Thank you smart ass - but what does it mean for ME? As soon as your order value is above your country's exemption limit, you have to to pay for all customs clearance, duties, and taxes as well. Okay, but where can I find out how much I have to pay? If you are ordering from Germany, you can calculate your cost estimation on this website (we cannot guarantee these prices - it's just to help you) In general, we recommend to contact the official custom authorities of your country or check out their website for cost calculators.

Returns & Exchange

The article does not meet my expectations and I want to return the product.

It's okay, don't worry about it. We will certainly be sad for a while, but with a couple of weeks of intensive mental training and many honey face masks we will surely get over it sooner or later. Whether it's the wrong fit, the wrong colour or something that just doesn't feel 100% right, we will accept your return as long as it complies with our terms and conditions.

Until when can I return or exchange my items?

You have the right to return your received articles to BEEYOND within 10 days (reference date: receipt of the goods). We will gladly replace your returned item with an equivalent, but better adapted item from our collection, which will bring out your unique aura even more.

What happens if the returned article is not as "new" as it should be?

Of course we want you to try on our garments first and perform various poses in front of your mirror. But please do not "really wear" the article - you know what we mean by that.
Our Busy Bees check every returned item with a sharp eye and look for stains, stretching or other damage. Please make sure that you return the items in a hygienic condition, otherwise the right to exchange or return the item will be lost.

Do I have to pay the return shipment?

Sorry - as a young slow fashion label we depend on every penny. This is the only way we can produce sustainably, pay fair wages and save some bees. Therefore, in case of returns, you will be charged the shipping costs incurred by BEEYOND or deducted from the refund amount (even in case of free shipping of the order). Also you will need to pay for the return shipping costs.

How do I inquire about my return?

Just slide into our DMs via Live Chat or send us an email to hello[at] & wait for further instructions from our Busy Bees.

We do not judge, but please be kind to us.

Returns happen - they are part of life. We are good people who love our nature and bees - so please be nice to us in return. As a young company we ask for your understanding if the handling takes longer than you are used to from the Zalando professionals.
If we feel that you return much more than any other regular customer, or if we have reason to believe that you are doing this maliciously, our Bee Army may have to deactivate your account. However, this would break our hearts, and we hope it will never happen. Still we must reserve this right just in case to protect our Bee Army from aggressive wasp attacks.

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