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Recycled BEEYOND Alltagsbeutel.

100% Recycled in Switzerland at social instutiton Lernwerk💛

100% Made from our Sweater.

100% Organic Cotton from Turkey.


This product is only available via Pre-Order. 

We follow the circular economy principle: you order first -> we procude = no waste attached.


 The first bee saving Gymbag which let you:

- invest into bee conservation. How does it work?

- support our nature instead of doing harm.

- verify the ecological impact (QR code).

- help people through ethical manufacturing.

Recycled Allroundbag

CHF 19.00Price
  • Crafted sustainably from recycled & organic materials

    100% Organic Cotton from Turkey

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Because we only have one earth.

Because they are important. 

Because we have respect.

Crafted with the finest natural ingredients...

*Not all materials are used in every product, please check the description to see what applies.

We only use small amounts of biodegradable chemicals
in closed loop systems.


Our garments use 10x less water than a fast fashion product.


We keep distances short and CO2 emissions at a minimum.

beeyond-emissions.png save the resources of our planet,.. our most valuable animal...

We support the cause we stand for, by contributing to bee awareness and directly supporting bee conservation projects in Switzerland.


Join the fight for our future by purchasing a BEEYOND product,
share your stories on Social Media with #savesomebees

...and protect the people around us.

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Supply Chain

Visit the Factory

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